Photo of Roger Smallman and Co Ltd  Accountants in Winchester

A Friendly Approach to Taxation with our Accountants in Winchester

Meet the team at Roger Smallman and Co, a friendly team of accountants based in Southampton. Our accountants provide expert services throughout Hampshire including Winchester, our county town. Established in 1984, we’ve spent the past thirty years putting the punch back into accounting. If you believe that accountancy is full of boring old men in characterless grey suits, think again! At Roger Smallman and Co, we think that accountancy is fun and exciting!

We make accountancy simple to understand because we talk to our customers in a clear, open language. Our accountants never use office terminology or jargon. Call us obsessive but we just prefer to keep the complex stuff to ourselves. When it comes to communicating with our customers in Winchester and Hampshire, however, we only use words that we know they’ll understand. At Roger Smallman and Co, we usually have things that are more important on our mind anyway.

  • We’re more interested in helping you pay less tax
  • We’re more interested in helping to save your business money
  • We’re more interested in making your payroll management easier
  • We’re more interested in getting your new business firmly off the ground
  • We’re more interested in making sure you have the right systems in place

Our accountants are always here to offer friendly, impartial help on all aspects of taxation, auditing, payroll management and much, much more. If there a role for an accountant in it, you can be sure we’ll have the right person in our team to give you all of the advice you need. Put a little of your own punch back into accountancy by booking a prompt appointment with Roger Smallman and Co, the trusted accountants in Southampton, Winchester and all surrounding areas.

Talk to our Accountants in Winchester today for the best possible advice for you and your small business.

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